Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Kites are Progressing!

Erin's and my fishy kites are making some good headway! She is doing a bitty windsock with pink and orange scales. I am doing a full sized normal kite in blues and greens. Except hers is very highly designed with the colors fading from orange to pink. Mine is more quilt-like. Here take a look at our process.

First step: bending the wire frame! That was actually not easy at all, and made me very mad for awhile. Eventually I just resorted to putting it together with duck tape. Note to self: clothing hangers are a not fun to work with.

Making progress!

Erin's "kite" looks so pulled together.

I wonder what I should call my fishy? Probably something in reference to Search for J Street but not particularly clever. Like J Street Fishy. Yep that sounds about accurate for my creativity level on a Saturday morning. Well until then!

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