Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tip of the Peepberg

After posting the videos of all the peeps found on Youtube, I received a lot of peep feedback and realized that all those videos I had found were merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to peep culture. Steph #1 gchatted me the very next day to let me know I had missed this fabulous, DC-educational video about the advantages of taking the metro to a baseball game versus driving.

How great is that video? I bet you had no idea that DC was disseminating its propaganda on the benefits of public transportation through Youtube videos reenacted by peeps. I certainly didn't, and I can say, definitively, that my life was not complete until I witnessed it.

Exploiting peeps for comedic or educational is not something just for the professionals, though. I came into work on Friday to find that the administration had left a pack of peeps on everyone's desk. (This worked out really well for me because, apparently, there are a bunch of people who don't think they are the most delicious thing in the world. Weirdos. So they were actually giving away their peeps. I ended up with somewhere between 10 and 15 boxes by the end of the day! I love peeps so much and, I swear, no matter how many I eat I will never get sick of them - this fact so proved by the fact that I had 3 boxes of them for breakfast on Friday and I am currently, while typing this, finishing my second box this morning.) Anyways the tech department decided to have a little fun with their peeps and posed them in various tech relevant positions.

O those tech kids. They're a funny bunch.

But just when I think that I've seen the best of the best in peep culture, I am proven wrong yet again! I came back to my parent's house for Easter weekend, and, like every Sunday here, my dad cooks a lovely breakfast while we all sit around and watch Sunday Morning. Since it's Easter, Sunday Morning did a piece on peeps. First they highlighted David Ottogalli who is a self-proclaimed peep artist. He runs the website I can't post any of his pictures since they are all protected. So you'll have to check out his site for yourself. One of his most impressive pieces is the diorama that he made for the Washington Post's 2007 peep diorama contest, which he titled: Million Peep March.

But what was that? Let's rewind. The Washington Post hosts a peep diorama contest!? How could I have missed this!? There were over 350 entries last year, the first year of the contest. This year there was more than 800 entries! That is some stiff competition (since I of course will have to participate next year), but what you may not know about me is that, in addition to my unparalled love for peeps, this will not be my first attempt in sculpting food. This past Thanksgiving I entered into my firm's bake-off (with the help of my artsy beau) and won the presentation award for: "College Grad's 1st Thanksgiving."

Yes, that would be a TV turkey dinner and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans made entirely out of cake and fondant. So you see, I've already got a history of prize winning food creations under my belt. I can't wait to try and tackle the Washington Post's peeps diorama contest next year! I should by all the peeps that go on sale today and start planning.

If that weren't enough peep mania, there is even a documentary on the little marshmallow guys created by Brookylen resident, Mathew Beals (who doesn't know it now, but his charming good looks -a bit Chistian Slater-eque circa the Heathers era- and obsession with peeps has made him the love of my life. That crazy peep artist, Ottogalli, can make our wedding cake!) I haven't figured out how to actually view his documentary yet. There is only a teaser on his site, and a note that he is looking for distributers. If you are looking for a unique birthday gift for me, though, you could investigate! My birthday is only 8 months away so that should give you just enough time to track down this documentary for me and maybe even kidnap Mathew and hypnotize him into thinking he's madly in love with me.

Or, let's be honest, you could just get me some Christmas tree decorating peeps kits for my birthday. I'd be perfectly happy with that.

(Photo courtesy of X-entertainment.)

Happy Easter, everyone!

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