Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cherry Blossom Festival!

(Photo courtesy of the Aichi University of Education Library.)

This weekend is the first weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival! I have never been, and, before when I thought I was going to be gone on trial, this was one of the things I was really sad I was going to miss. It is suppose to be fabulous, and it is definitely on Search for J Street's list of things to accomplish while in DC. Now that the trial was cancelled, though, I will be cherry blossoming bright and early this Saturday! Also hosted on the first day of the festival is the Smithsonian's Annual Kite Festival!
(Photo courtesy of Urban 75.)
Erin and I will of course be participating. We're going to make fishy kites out of things we find in our apartment. Since I am going through one of my poor phases again, I refuse to buy a kit. Plus I have confidence in our crafting ability. I think we can make a darn good fishy kite on our own. How well it will fly is up for debate, but, if worst comes to worst, and the little guys never become airborn, they'll still make fabulous decorations for our patio! Hope you all make some time to come to the festival and enjoy the blossoms! As of right now, weather.com says there's a 40% chance of rain on Saturday. However, Sunday is the rain date, and weather.com has cleared that day for sun. So at some point this weekend I will be getting my kite on!

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