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Baltimore, not the complete Hellhole I was expecting! (Part 2)

So I know this part 2 post, actually occurs before the part 1 post, but just imagine for a minute that this story is like an episode of Lost. First you found out what I did on the island, and now I'm going to let you in on what I did before the island. (Although blog format kinda counteracts this anyway but whatever. Just go with it)

Before I arrived on the island... I arrived in Baltimore on Friday around 6. My story shall be told mostly through pictures since there was a lot of alcohol consumption, and remembering specific words spoken during the night is virtually impossible at this point.

Julia picked me up while her fabulous roommate Jess cooked me a yummy salmon and pesto meal. I bought some bottles of vino as the salmon was finishing in the oven. We drank a few bottles, and then we all laughed about God knows what now (wine will do that to your memory) but we certainly thought it was funny at the time. Then Julia got all fabbed out. I haven't really gone out with Julia very much since high school, but girlfriend got fierce in the last few years! She used to the master of the stripped collared shirt + flip flops domain, but tonight she had some cute tan number on with great neck detail and heels! Julia wore heels out! I was so impressed. She also had this great little clutch that went with the whole thing, but I can't give her too much credit for that, though, since one of her fab friends* from DC picked it up for her at the U St. boutique, 4NX¢ (Foreign Exchange, in case you didn't get it because I didn't at first).

Anyways the night started off pretty tame: me sewing the hole I got in my jeans.

And then some cute if not standard posed pictures to get our smiley faces on and us excited about the night.

Alright, we're excited now! So we were off to Cross Street Market which is another cute little hood in Baltimore. (I know! I know! There's more than one decent neighborhood in Baltimore? But for real, there is.) We started the night meeting up with Julia's friends at a place called Ropewalk. Which apparently serves mussels!

Sadly we got there after 10:30 so no mussels for me! But there was plenty of Strongbow on tap to make up for it. We stayed there for a drink or two and then moved on to some place called Riley's or Wiley's or something. Little did I know when we walked in to this run of the mill bar, we'd run into this random kid who Julia and I went to both grade school and high school with! It was just like that time I saw those boys who I went to college with but wasn't actually friends with. I stared for awhile, and forced my friends to fake pose so I could catch a picture of the person in the back ground (which took a few tries but was eventually successful).

(A ha! See! Success!)

Julia, being the naturally friendly gal she is, of course went up immediately after I spotted him to catch up. Turns out he lives in Baltimore doing some legitimate job involving engineering which, if you flashed back 5 years to high school, is not what I would have guess, but good for him. As fun as it was to run into this long lost acquaintance (aka it wasn't all that fun, but definitely entertaining remembering about what this kid was like in 7th grade, it included blowing spit bubbles off his tongue fyi), we had to return to the first bar because Julia, the Phd student that she is, left her tab open. I swear those genius kids are always forgetting their head when it's not attached to their body. But I think it turned out for the best anyway. Julia felt so bad about us buying her drinks at Riley's/Wiley's/whatever that she bought us a round of chocolate cake shots!

(Thanks for the good play by play, gnarly biker bartender dude!)

Julia was impressed with how much they tasted like chocolate cake. I was impressed with how much they still tasted like booze despite all the drinks I had already had. The chocolate cake shots did put us over the edge, though. We went from casually hanging out to not talking anymore and just taking an obnoxious number of pictures together. They started out happy:

(This is a great shot of the hot neckline on Julia's top!)

Then after the smiling pictures came the "sexy" pictures:

(Gosh that's hot, but wait! They get sexier!)

I'm sorry. I've probably got you all riled up now. That was unfair of me to show you such absurdly hot women is such seductive poses. You know what will take your mind off of these sizzlin' ladies? Wooden Indians! Yes! Good thing after the sexy pictures we took a bajillions pictures with all the wooden Indians in the bar.

She's smoking a peacepipe. It's ok if you didn't get what she was going for. We didn't either when she did it.

Also, don't ask why I'm pouting in this picture. I have absolutely no idea, but I remember thinking it was the thing to do at the time.

(This picture is most notable because there is a great shot of the hot handbag I was referring to earlier. See it really is the shit!)

(And I'm just not going to comment on this one.)

If you can believe it, though, those weren't even the oddest pictures that surfaced from the evening. These were:

How, you may be asking yourself, could we have possibly rallied for such a cultural day the next morning (the day that I have already relayed to you - remember this post is like an episode of Lost, not in chronological order and filled with lots of hot men - ok no I made the part up about the hot men, sadly). Well we rallied ourselves on the breakfast of champions:
Freshly Baked Cornbread

And marshmallows! Duh!

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