Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweet sweet Internet, you have returned!

Readers, you can thank the internet gods that when I returned home last night all of our Comcast devices were miraculously working again. Your endless praying and human sacrifices have brought me back online. Now, in this hour of our deliverance, I shall reveal to you that which was Erin's and my date night (insert dramatic music and a choir singing "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" here).

First let me preface this story with that fact that Erin will dig through anything she finds in our alley. I am 100% positive she will get the HIV this way someday, but this does not stop her. However, awhile back she found the remnants of someone's wallet (obviously the parts that someone had ditched after they took all the money and credit cards), and among these remnants she happened to find a $25 gift card to the movies.

So a few weekends ago we Rottentomoted everything that was in theaters, and decided to go see In Bruges. It's the new Colin Farrell movie. It's good to see Colin Farrell doing something with his life that doesn't involve blonde hair. Don't you miss his immense eyebrows? In fact it was this quote about the legendary eyebrows from BrightYoungThings that first spurred my interest in the movie: "In Bruges is an extraordinary opportunity to watch two large, furry caterpillars come distressingly close to humping above his eyes for more than an hour and a half. And, it’s absorbing, emotional and enormously entertaining." And thank goodness for that quote because the movie was great. The jokes were terribly not PC. There were many made at the expense of midgets, but after you laugh your butt off in the first half, everything turns very serious and suspenseful. In the end the movie succeeds in being both a comedy and a mob-type drama. But enough about In Bruges, what Erin had really wanted to see that night with her AIDS infested gift card was The Other Boleyn Girl, but the reviews were not as good. Plus it was 2 hours long. So I vetoed it because I am selfish. Then I felt bad because Erin is always so nice and accommodating. So I decided to compromise this once and go see The Other Boleyn Girl with Erin at a later time. We set a date last week but I bailed on her for my new yoga craze. Erin, again the good accommodating friend that she is, totally understood my desire to go to yoga, get a work out, and watch my boss (who decided to come with us and try Bikram for herself) sweat to death. So we rescheduled for Monday night.

Erin promptly picked me up at 5:30 this past Monday and we headed over to Proof for a few glasses of wine and appetizers before the movie. (We have been dying to try Proof because there is this big scandal going on in the comments section of their Washington Post review. There are a lot of negative comments - mostly about the service - interspersed with these rave reviews, and then people started claiming that the rave reviews were all faked by Proof. Yadda yadda. It makes for some interesting reading.) Well after we finally get around to checking it out, wouldn't you know that it would be closed for a private party. Stupid people with lots of money reserving the entire restaurant that I want to eat at. The nerve! Proof is right next to Indebleu, though, so we just wandered over there. Neither of us had ever eaten at Indebleu either so we still ended up trying something new!

Indebleu was not at all what I expected. It looks like a hotel restaurant. I mean look at the fabric used in our booths! The rest of the dining room is similarly plain. Perhaps the downstairs lounge had more going. I wouldn't know as that too was reserved for a private party. We are all smiles looking at the menu, though. So that's a good sign. The first thing we figured out was drinks. Indebleu has a manageable (as in not a book - you know those types of places) menu of specialty drinks that all looked tempting enough to keep me from ordering a Campari and soda. I started with their lime and strawberry caipirinha, and Erin got some sort of champagne based berry cocktail. We loved both! +2

Erin stuck with her cocktail for another round, but I switched to their Goan Holiday which is a combination of rum, coconut milk, banana liquor, and cinnamon on the top. It was super delicious, but I am glad I had it after dinner, since it was basically dessert in a glass.

I enjoyed my Goan Holiday so much that I made Erin take a picture of me sipping from it, but when she went to take the picture, I couldn't stop giggling. The end product was this slightly creepy picture of me in which the corners of my mouth turn up like the Grinch. I loooove it. I feel a new facebook picture in the near future.

After drinks came all of our delish food. Erin, still trying to be a vegetarian but not being entirely successful, got the celery soup, but then she helped me finish off my mussels. I would totally recommend you invest in the mussels. First of all, you get a portion the size of a small country.

Secondly, they come with this creamy gingery sauce drizzled on top. You might think the cream sauce would be too heavy for the mussels, but you would be wrong. The flavors were amazing together, and the mussels themselves were uber plump! +1 Then the "main course" came. (I say main course, but in retrospect the mussels were obviously the main course.) We got their raviolis. They were stuffed with pannier and topped with baby bok choy and a tomato fenugreek sauce. Erin hit the nail on the head when she said they reminded her of the raviolis from Cafe Milano. All of the flavors were used to their utmost and were utterly complimentary to one another. It was a fantastic use of raviolis which often offer so much flavor possibility but fall flat in the wrong hands. +1 We also ordered a side of samosas since I had never tried them before and since Erin could eat them because they didn't have meat. However, Indebleu adds a twist to their samosas. They give you three, all stuffed differently, laying on different sauces. Of course the first one Erin opens is the one stuffed with ground beef. She got very sad, thinking that they were all stuff with ground beef and that she couldn't have any of them. Silly beau! Only the first one had meat. The second one was stuffed with spinach and cheese. It was my fav and it came on a roasted tomato sauce (I think). The last one we tried was the original pea/potato type recipe. It came on the most delicious sauce. It was a minty pesto that had a bit of a kick to it. The service was pretty good too. Although we came very early, and it was slow while we were there. So I am not sure how service stands up during busy nights, but I was impressed when one of the waiters saw that we were taking all these pictures and offered to take one of us!

So after all of that, we finally made it to see The Other Boleyn Girl, and what does Erin do? She orders a kids meal when we get there! I don't know how she does it and stays so thin. Just thinking about that heaping pile of yummy mussels makes me full. The movie ended up being very entertaining in a trashy whore sort of way. Lots of seduction and lies. It was enough to keep my attention for 2 hours, and those gorgeous period dresses didn't hurt either. Every 10 minutes I was ooohing and aaahing about another dress. So date night turned out to be a wild success. Lots of fun was had all around! Hopefully I will get a break from work some time again, and we can do it all over again (except this time go to Proof and see what all the gossip is about!) Cheers to date night!

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