Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More technical difficulties...

I know I have been quite remiss in my postings. I don't mean to! It's just that the wires in my power chord, which have been slowly fraying for some time now, finally split, and so last Thursday my computer died. I am tempted to turn this post into a rant against Macbooks because this is the third thing that has crapped out on me in the year and a half that I've had my computer. (The other 2 being the battery and the hard drive.) Generally, I am really infuriated with the quality of product. Erin has the old iBook. Her computer is a good 6-9 months older than mine, and she has never once had a single problem. I'm sure that the second Mac got popular, which was in part due to claims of better quality, they decided to jump of the profit wagon and cut costs by getting monkeys to design and build their new Macbooks. Now I have ended up with an expensive piece of poo. (So note to consumers: if you are in the market for a Mac, invest in a refurbished iBook! You will thank me 5 years down the road when your computer still kicks ass and all the Macbooks are being used solely to prop up uneven table legs.)

Ok I'm sorry. I said this wasn't going to turn into a rant, and it did. I'm just in a very emotional place right now with the dying of my computer and the limiting of my blogging, but there is a silver lining! So I went onto the Apple site last night to look up power chords, and those bastards are charging $80 a pop for a product with an average of a 1.5 star rating! I was very sour about paying that much. So I got onto Ebay, and found one for $38! What a better price, right? So I bid on it, and I have to confess this is only the second time I have ever bid on anything on Ebay. The first time I got so freaked out about it (what if the product was in terrible condition? what if it didn't fit? what if it wasn't anything like the picture? what if they wouldn't give my money back? etc...) that I just cancelled the bid. This time, though, I saw it through, and I won! So you are officially looking at a girl who lost her Ebay virginity. Fiiiiiiiiinally. So hopefully in a few days Search for J Street will be back up on my computer screen, and maybe I will even be surfing Ebay again (but with a little more confidence)!

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