Sunday, April 13, 2008

More about the Chi-Town

Ok we just got home and cleaned up. Our taxi ride home from the bar was hysterical. For the 1st half we're sitting there all quiet, and then Katie mentions this Family Feud question: things that ruin a cab drivers day - top 5 answers. (On a side note, Family Feud used to be Katie's and my show! During summer break we would call each other at 11 when it came on and play along with the show. I mean we loved it that much. Aaaand Al Boreland was the host at the time! He was totally lovable as the host. I wish it had lasted longer!) So apparently the answers on the show were (in no particular order): a flat tire, a ticket, a low fair, traffic, and being robbed. Erin and I are disgusted at these answers because we think that puking and doing something naughty in the back seat should have made the top 5. Well at this point or cab driver cannot restrain himself anymore. He says, "Noooo way. People can do whatever naughty things they want in this car as long as I get to watch." Which, of course, has us in hysterics. So having now actually asked a cab driver what ruins his day, I can tell Family Feud that tickets do not make the list, puking does make the list (the smell and the cleaning up are one of the worst things ever), and having inappropriate relations... well they apparently will actually make a cabbie's day. Who knew?

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