Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Sartorialist Exhibit!

So every fashionable DC blogger was all over the arrival of the Sartorialist show at the Adamson Gallery. I really wanted to go to the fabulous opening party or the fabulous party for Scott Schuman when he was in town, but sadly my schedule did not allow. Last weekend I got myself together and finally made it there to check out the exhibit with Steph and Erin. A handful of the photos I recognized from the website, but most of them were ones I had never seen before/didn't remember if I had seen. So it was a lot of fun checking everything out! Since I've started Search for J Street, I take so many more photos of life so I can post pictures of what I accomplish along with writing about it, and I think my budding interest in photography gave me a bit more of an appreciation for the composition aspect of the photos. When I first started following the Sartorialist (pre-blog inception), I was definitely only interested in the clothes, but now I am so inspired by how Scott puts together his photos. One day I hope to have my friends and I posed in equally inspiring ways in the photos on my blog! Then they will look uber hip like boy with the dreamy lips on the left or girl with the knee socks in the wind tunnel above!

The overall layout of the gallery was somewhat striking in its minimalism, especially compared to the subjects in the photos who normally are anything but minimal in their dress. The affect was very sophisticated. I felt so mature and cultural just being in the building!

These 2 photos next to each other reminded me so much of Erin and I. There's the girl on the right in her suit and tie. The outfit's structured and completely pulled together. (That's me.) Then there's the girl on the left in something loose, flowy, and totally relaxed. (That's Erin.) I guarantee you that when we're 30 we'll look just like these girls, equally fabulous in our own ways.

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