Monday, November 7, 2011

Coming Out of a Sleepy Weekend

The weekend is over, and I have to admit, it was not as exciting as I told you it would be. It rained quite a bit here in LA, which meant that I did not actually sail to Catalina. On Friday, I mostly sat below deck, drew on maps, and ate the macadamia nuts out of the caramel popcorn. That night I felt wiped out for no good reason (too much caramel?) so I went to bed a little bit early. The next day, we went back and did actually make it out to sea! And even though "making it out to sea" did not entail much physical exertion, I felt even more wiped out. I fell asleep at 9 pm and then slept for 11 hours! But I think on Sunday I started to come out my hibernation. I finally went to the gym, I went to J. Crew to spend my anniversary gift card, I got groceries, I made a salami-brie-havarti-avocado pizza for lunch, I baked pumpkin-banana bread cookies, and I even managed to do a few hours of school work. (Although to be truthful, I also snuck in a short nap while the boyfriend was watching football.) Hopefully this week brings less hibernation and more productivity since finals are right around the corner!

 My other anniversary gift, aside from financing what is sure to be my new most favorite shirt, was The Sartorialist book!

Find the cookie recipe here, but be warned it's all healthy. I substituted normal flour and chocolate chips, and I added twice as much pumpkin. It also might be better to substitute sugar for the syrup. But I have to admit the fact that these cookies are not that sweet kind of make them addictive because you never get overloaded on sugar.

I hope this week brings productivity for you too!


Anonymous said...

tanteSo does that mean you wont sail to Catalina? That would be ashame.

Ryan said...

so did they teach you to navigate using charts?