Friday, November 18, 2011

Romeo & Juilette at the LA Opera

Sooo let's talk about the opera! It was an interesting experience. The whole thing seemed so sophisticated that I kind of felt like I was living someone else's life when I arrived. But then the old man sitting next to me fell asleep 10 minutes into the performance, and the guy on the other side of me was sporting his best Canadian tuxedo. So I knew it was definitely my life! I wore my Zara fisherman sweater over a sequined St. Johns sweater dress, which I thought struck a good sartorial balance.

The performance itself was mostly fantastic. My favorite things were 1) Romeo 2) the fight scenes 3) the chorus and their costumes. Romeo was actually really charismatic and studly for an opera singer. Not at all what I imagined. He seemed to have a little Jimmy McNulty vibe going on. It made it much easier to believe someone would fall in love with him in an instant. The fight scenes turned out to be incredibly intricate dance sequences--serious rough housing set to music. They were lots of fun to watch. And then no surprise here (coming from the girl who's always gushing about shoes and clothes), but I loved the chorus's costumes. There were lots of huge skirts, some plaid pants, and almost cartoonish military uniforms. They kept things entertaining even if there wasn't much action going on.

I'll leave you with the lonely jazz saxophonist outside of the opera house who played while people walked off into the night.

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