Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urbano Pizza Again (and Again)

Last time I told you about Urbano Pizza Bar, I was pretty happy with my experience. But I have been back twice since my first visit, and now I have become a full on fan. The service has been great every time, and the pizzas I try just keep getting better. I went back with my friend this past weekend to try that pumpkin pizza. It was really unique. The pumpkin takes the place of the tomato sauce, which makes the experience more like eating a giant crostini--very savory and not at all greasy. Then last night I got take out for the boyfriend and myself. This time I tried the spinach pizza with white cheddar and ricotta. Hands.Down.Winner. I got the boyfriend the salami pizza. I have no complaints about it, but to be honest, I'd probably feel "meh" towards just about anything compared to that spinach pizza. Soooo good. At this rate, I'll probably have gone again by the end of this coming weekend!

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