Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sailing Part 1

The sailor outfits I brought: 1) Gap striped long sleeve tee and vintage grey sweatshirt 2) Zara Breton striped shirt and Zara fisherman's sweater 3) vintage hooded puffy vest.

These are some pictures I snapped over the weekend. Our sailboat was pretty luxurious, which was nice since we spent a lot of time just sitting in it watching the rain on Friday. Our instructor was also great. He brought tons of snacks (see previous reference to eating all the macadamia nuts out of the caramel popcorn) and baked cinnamon buns on Saturday morning!

By the end of the weekend, I did learn a tiny bit about sailing, so the class was not a waste. I think the biggest lesson I learned was that sailboats are a lot of work, and I'd much rather make friends with someone who already owns a boat andwill take me sailing every once in awhile, instead of owning my own sailboat.

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