Monday, August 15, 2011

American Art at the Philadelphia Art Museum

I love museums, but I have a limited tolerance for them. After an hour or two, my attention really fades, which means there are some museums that I have been to many times without even coming close to seeing everything there. I am most guilty of this when it comes to the Philadelphia Art Museum, so I took the opportunity on the first Sunday of June (you can pay what you want every 1st Sunday) to see a wing that I had never entered before - American Art. A special exhibit of paintings by Alfred Jacob Miller called Romancing the West was on display. I liked the romantic portrayal and his use of multiple mediums. (It's still on display until Sept. 18th if you're interested!) Some of my favorites from the permanent collection were the pottery, the silver work, the bird tree made by the Pennsylvania Dutch, the presidential plates (owned by Chester Arthur and Benjamin Harrison), and this one picture frame around a painting of an opera singer with the notes of her most well known song carved into it.

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