Monday, August 29, 2011

Reading on the Weekends

What did you do this weekend? I went to brunch at a new-ish restaurant in West Hollywood with the boyfriend and dim sum out in the San Gabriel valley with school friends. Both were delicious! I also did a bit of reading, although I wish I'd done more! I'm working through several magazines left over from the summer before I'll let myself start on the September issues that I've accumulated (Vogue, Elle, and W). Plus I get the New York Times every Sunday, which is a weeks worth of reading in and of itself. I used to feel nerdy about staying home and reading, but then I read this fabulous article about Virginie Mouzat, the fashion editor for the French paper Le Figaro. She is chic in every sense of the word, and you know what she does on the weekend? Stay in and read. So I guess I was more chic than I thought!

PS: How ironic is this tv-come-bookshelf? I spotted it on Tales of Endearment.

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