Saturday, August 27, 2011

Church and State Revisited

My parents were in town the other week for a west coast vacation, and I got a chance to take them to some of my favorite places in Los Angeles and to visit some new places with them. (Having guests in town is the perfect excuse to be a tourist in your own city.) First up was dinner at Church and State. I know I've posted about this restaurant before, but this time I got better pictures since it was light out. In addition, we got to try a few new dishes which were all great, and I wanted to share them. I started with a French 75 (which might have replaced Campari and soda as my favorite summer cocktail) and then had frogs legs. This was a first for me! They were just like little chicken wings, very tasty. We got the goat cheese-lavender-honey app again, and my mom went for the escargot that I had previously as well. Dinner included steak, bouillabaisse, and endive salad for me. There was not a drop left on anyone's plates. It was a traditional but overall fantastic meal!

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