Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner at Church & State in the Midst of Downtown LA Warehouses

Right down the street from Villains Tavern is an amazing little French restaurant called Church & State. As I mentioned a few posts back, I had been trying to get a weekend dinner reservation here and couldn't get anything before 10 pm. When Amy came to visit, we were successful in getting a reservation at 9 pm which was good enough for me! I have to apologize for the pictures with this review, though. It is very very dim in the restaurant, and I didn't want to take pictures with a flash because it would have annoyed all the people next to us.

I'm sure you can have healthy meals at Church & State, but I pretty much only had cheese, bread, and wine. So this is my very unhealthy perspective on the restaurant. The bread the comes out first might just be kept warm, but it feels fresh baked. It is much tastier than the crostini that come with the honey-herb goat cheese appetizer, so we asked for extra to eat with our appetizer. The goat cheese itself was so yummy. It was served warm in a mason jar, and there was plenty of honey and herb so you could really taste them in every bite! For dinner I had escargot and mac'n'cheese. The escargot came with enough butter, garlic, and puff pastry that it was impossible not to love. The mac'n'cheese is very classic with no frills just lots of creamy cheesiness. I tried Amy's lamb loaf type thing and thought it was amazing, although she was not a fan. Jeremy's bouillabaisse was definitely the weak link, just not as flavorful as everything else. Jeremy got the seafood bouillabaisse and really liked it. I tried the broth and though it could use a little more flavor, but I didn't try any of the seafood. Overall, though, a great great meal. I can't wait to come back!


Jeremy said...

I disagree, the bouillabaisse was pretty good.

The Search for J Street said...

I must have gotten a bite that was not representative of how good it was!

Ryan Schmidt said...

Bread, cheese, and wine is definitely a healthy dinner