Saturday, April 9, 2011

Downtown Los Angeles Architecture (Part 1 of Many?)

Yesterday I had to present that big paper I was writing. So today is officially the first day I can stop worrying about that paper, and it feels great! I've still got a ton of homework to catch up on, but I'm determined to take some time to relax and photograph stuff this weekend. I'm endlessly inspired by the mix of old and new architecture in downtown Los Angeles, and I'm always snapping random pictures of. Usually I forget to share them, but here are a few from the last year. (In order: Hotel Rossyln, 9th and Broadway building, the El Dorado, and the Eastern Columbia building.)

Did you notice how the under side of balconies and archways are always ornately carved/molded? I love it. That is a detail that I never see in a building less than 75+ years old.

Also, I love this last building - the Eastern Columbia Building. It originally opened in 1930, but in 2006 it was turned into condos. Rumor is that Johnny Depp owns the top floor penthouse. (The boyfriend of a friend of a friend lives in the building and supposedly has seen him.) But aside from Johnny, how great is the turquoise color? Points to the architect for thinking outside the box and forever brightening the skyline of downtown Los Angeles.

PS: Sorry I couldn't get the panorama of the front entrance to load up full sized. I will work with my tech guy later to see if he can help me get the better version up.

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jamie-lee said...

I love all these details, I feel like they're the kidns of things that are usually missed when wandering around. Great photos x