Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello hello on this Easter morning! Are you doing anything festive with friends and family today? The bf and I are going to dye eggs. He doesn't know yet because he's still sleeping, but I already went to the store and got them :) I also made us a little Easter basket to share. I filled it with all the different flavor Cadbury (and Cadbury-imitator) eggs I could find, a tiny chocolate bunny, and peeps (my favorite). I hope you got your favorite Easter candy too!

PS: More Easter fun. Every year the Washington Post has a peep diorama contest. The results are beyond amazing. Check it out!

PPS: The cookie is from our activities fair for the newly admitted USC law students. For the Art Law table we organized a decorate your own cookie thing, but pretty much only I decorated cookies. That's my flower above.

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--Sanam-- said...

Happy easter! :) & that cookie looks great, fab decorating :)

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