Monday, April 11, 2011

City Living with Rural Accents

As a girl who loves the pace and opportunities of an urban area but also craves the beauty of nature, the idea of bringing the country into the city has always fascinated and inspired me. Because of my love of city living with rural accents, I had to repost these photos from Madderlake's renovation of the penthouse apartment at the Hotel Des Artistes in Manhattan. The final product is breathtaking.

Photography by Thibault Jeanson via Honestly, WTF.

This penthouse reminded me of another I had seen years ago on New York Magazine's website. After searching around the interwebs for awhile, I finally found the pictures of it.

Photographs by Gregory Goode.
Note: For serious urban gardens have for serious urban chickens.

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The Village Idiot said...

would love to live in either!
so fabulous!