Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Water Court

There is a great fountain by Jeremy's work in a plaza called Water Court. You'd think this fountain would be in the middle of some beautifully landscaped garden, but its actually between a food court, a hotel, and a few office buildings. Jeremy and I took a few shots here around dusk awhile back before getting dinner at Starry Kitchen.

J. Crew sweater, tank top (from Costco, seriously!), Forever 21 scarf, and Rebecca Taylor pants (which have since died, RIP wide-legged pants, I loved you).
I walked through the same court during the day a little bit later and couldn't resist taking a few more pictures. Different lighting this time (the sun instead of backlit fountains) and different angle (looking down from the second level), but I think equally as pretty. Sometimes cities are like that, something really pretty is tucked away in an area where you would never to think to look for it.

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