Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parallel 88

In the middle of nowhere Utah, we came across one of the best restaurants I've ever been to - Parallel 88. I wish I had more/better pictures. We sat on a patio under a starry sky that opened up to the mountain side. Since I never see stars in LA, that was a luxury to me. The food was also amazing. Bread with whipped butter and freshly roasted garlic. An updated bangers and mash, with three kinds of sausages and mint whipped potatoes. Duck 2 ways with cranberries. Later came a deconstructed sheppard's pie with gnocchi instead of a crust, seafood fettuccine alfredo, and a beautiful vegetable tower with yam puree. In the end, creme brulee 3 ways (vanilla, Bailey's, and mint) and a flourless chocolate cake. This food seriously rivaled the fanciest restaurant in the most metropolitan city. If you ever find yourself in Springdale, UT, take the time to stop here. You'll never forget the experience.

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