Monday, April 25, 2011

Villains Tavern Hidden in the Downtown LA Warehouses

Have you been to Villains Tavern? It's understandable if you've missed it up until now because it's in the middle of a bunch of abandoned warehouses. You would never just stumble upon it. You have to know it's there and be willing to make the trek. But that's kind of why it's so awesome. You feel like you're in a secret club and everyone around you shares in your secret.

Also, the bartenders make the best drinks I have ever tasted. And unlike other bars that put a heavy emphasis on mixology and taking time to craft a good cocktail, it really works at Villains Taverns because there is not a line of 30 people in front of you each getting a cocktail that's going to take 10 minutes to make (think Seven Grand). So the wait time is pretty minimal. This past trip, the bf ordered the bartender's special, which changes depending on the night and the bartender you have. We had Paul. He made a Strawberry Steve, and let me tell you, that drink was so complex and delicious it kind of changed my life. So if you go, ask for Paul and his Strawberry Steve.

PS: The mirrors behind all the bars? Imported from a de-consecrated church in Utah. I thought that was pretty cool.

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