Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barbrix: Wine and Tapas in Silverlake

It's lovely to have time to relax on a date with the bf. He took me to a wine and tapas restaurant up by the Silverlake Reservoir that I had been wanting to try. With hundreds of reviews on Yelp and still a 4 star average, I was sure Barbrix would be amazing. The restaurant itself is very pretty, and our waitress was absolutely lovely. We had some of the most pleasant service I've ever had. Food and drink were hit and miss, though.

I loved my glass of prosecco, but Jeremy thought the new beer he tried was lacking in flavor. (In defense of the beer, it did come in the coolest bottle I've ever seen beer come in - like a medicine bottle from a turn of the century pharmacy.) The crostini misti looked amazing, but were only so-so. Smoked salmon was great, the artichoke needed a bit more flavor, and the eggplant had a bit too much flavor. Jeremy's steak was pretty good, but my fish dish was really the winner. Trout piled in a shrimp and crab cream sauce with fresh carrots and zucchini. It was so good!

When we left, around 8:30, the bar was packed and the line for a table was out the door, which makes me think that Jeremy and I just ordered poorly. Because there must be something that keeps all those people coming back! So I'm not sure if I will make it back to Barbrix with so many restaurants to try in LA, but I am withholding judgment until I can give it a second try.


Beer Wiz said...

Maybe the beer wasn't that great because it was organic? Most English ales are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the food was not up to your hopes. We have been watching This Old House doing an upgrade on a house in that area so it looks like a nice neighborhood to live in.

Anonymous said...

I've been a bunch and its always good. You have to go back and try some more of their small plates.