Friday, April 8, 2011

LA Mill Coffee for Brunch

Another brunch post! (I hope that you, readers, like brunch as much as I do!) After my huge paper was turned in, Jeremy (being the awesome supportive boyfriend that he is) took me out for a celebratory brunch. We tried a new-to-us place in Silverlake called LA Mill Coffee.

So how was it?
Food = really good but smaller portions. Think more like a European cafe less like a Qdoba breakfast burrito. Jeremy got the dungeness crab scramble, and I got the smoked salmon scramble. There wasn't a bite left at the end.
Coffee = great but potentially very expensive. Make sure you understand the lay out of the menu before ordering (a harder task than it sounds) to avoid a $20 mistake. I got one of their regular blends in a french press. Jeremy got this really really delicious iced coffee creation that you mixed with the ice cream. It turn into a little frappacino after mixing!
Doughnut Holes = Amaaaaaazing! Really more like beignets, fresh out of the oven, so soft and warm. Plus, homemade vanilla bean whipped cream on the side. Perfection.
Ambiance = Nice but a little sparse. I liked the murals on the walls, and I especially loved the chairs. They were great colors, a deep jade and pale blue.

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