Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost the Weekend!

Do you all have great plans for this weekend? After doing so much fun stuff last weekend (new-to-me restaurant, the FIDM museum, waterfalls), it would take a lot to top it this weekend. But I think I might! Tonight is the Downtown Art Walk, and there is one exhibit in particular I am really excited for. The Los Angeles Times is exhibiting pictures by their staff photographers, called Framework. This should be a great display of Los Angeles-centric photographs by people who are out exploring the streets every day.

Image by Dave Bullock.
On Friday, I think Jeremy and I might go see Scream 4. I love the original Scream. I hope this one can live up to it (or at least be better than 2 and 3).

Then on Saturday, my friend Amy from DC is visiting. I am so excited to see her! For Saturday afternoon/evening I'm thinking a tour of some of my neighborhood like the FIDM park and the Disney Music Hall garden. And then drinks at Villain's Tavern and dinner at Church & State (which, PS, is super hard to get a decent reservation time at!).

For Sunday, I think I am going to leave the ball in Amy's court. There is that Rodarte exhibit I've been wanting to check out, but I'd also love to take her on a hike like Escondido Trail. And on top of it all, Artisanal LA is back this weekend! So we could always go to a food fair instead :)

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Anonymous said...

I like how you are getting back to talking about LA and all the things there are to do.
Hafe a great weekend with Amy and Jeremy!