Monday, April 4, 2011

The Big and the Small of Zion National Park

This is Zion National Park, which was my absolute favorite part of the trip! I loved that the whole park is this maroon/mint green color scheme. Those are two colors I would not have pictured together, but in Zion, they seemed a perfect mix. Another thing I loved about Zion was that you were surrounded by these huge and majestic the mountains but also all these tiny little treasures of life. The combination of the big wonders and small wonders meant that everywhere you looked, there was something to be seen. Like the picture above. I stopped to look at a cluster of purple flowers growing on the side of the mountain and realized that behind them there was a beautiful series of mountain peaks!

1. Panorama from the Angel's Peak trail. - 2. Mountains and flowers. - 3. A broken cactus leaf. I thought the scaring kind of looked like the drawings of cell walls from my high school biology book. - 3. One waterfall flowering down into 2 waterfalls. - 4. Sap collecting where a tree lost its branch. - 5. The 4000 ft drop from Angel's Peak. Only slightly intimidating. - 6. Tri-colored moss. - 7. Looking down on the river. - 8. New growth. - 9. A snowy peak in the distance. - 10. A little blueberry from one of the pine trees. - 11. Minty river and maroon mountains. - 12. Baby holly leaves. They were no bigger than a fingernail! - 11. The hike up Angel's Peak at the end . . . where there stops being a path. There are just chains drilled into the rock face for you to hold on to. - 12. More purple flowers. These were even smaller than the holly leaves. -13. Mountains from the Emerald Pool Trail. - 14. A starry hole in the mountain. From most angles it just looked like a blob, but if you saw it from just the right angle, it looked like a star! - 15. Double falls. - 16. White moss that grew under the water falls. - 17. The Emerald Pool waterfall. Ah-may-zing!


Tech Wiz said...

Awesome pictures!!

Julia said...

Wow...I think these are my favorite site of pics yet :) Just looking at them makes me feel a little shaky in the knees!