Friday, April 22, 2011

Food Trucks Galore! Lobsta Truck, Slammin' Sliders, and Chunk-n-Chip Cookies

Other than art, what is Art Walk known for? Food trucks! They must literally have over 100 set up shop every second Thursday of the month. Last week I tried out 3 trucks with mixed results. See how I fared below!

Subject: Lobster roll with butter.
Verdict: Good amount of lobster for your money, but lacking on flavor. It's not really the truck's fault. I get that they are going for the whole purity thing. It's more the lobster's fault because (don't hate me) its kind of a bland crustacean. Without salt, pepper, old bay, cream, or something, there is just not a lot going on. Next time I will go with the crab roll because that is a delicious meat!

Subject: Kobe sliders with double onions (fried and caramelized).
Verdict: The onions and meat were a good flavor combo: a little sweet, a little tangy, a little rich. But even though I found the sliders satisfying, there was room for improvement. First, there were way too many fried onions. As you can tell, it's hard to find the burger. In addition, I'm a little skeptical of whether this was really kobe beef. My only comparison is the kobe sliders at Drago, so maybe I just don't know enough. But the beef at Drago is on an entirely different level.

Subject: Minteroni -- chocolate chocolate-chip cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Verdict: Great ice cream but the flavor of the cookie was off. Too salty? I couldn't put my finger on it. I would definitely go with a snickerdoodle sandwich instead if I had it to do over again. O well. Even if the chocolate cookie did not hit the spot, at least the ice cream did. Mmmm...

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