Friday, April 15, 2011

FIDM Costume Exhibit Review

Last weekend I finally got the chance to stop by the FIDM Museum's costume exhibit. It was so so good! I wish I had been allowed to take pictures, but they are pretty tight about their security. The best I could do was sketch a few of my favorites.

Christina Aguilera is so tiny! You could tell from her costumes, of which the pearl costume was my favorite. Even tinier than her is Ellen Page, whose costume from Inception would not even have fit me when I was 10! My favorite costumes, though, were from The Tempest and Clash of the Titans. There is a fantastic cloak in the Tempest with bits of colored plastic (I think) all over it, and the Clash of the Titans has great period pieces. I am not doing these costumes justice just talking about them. The museum is free and the exhibit is open until the end of April. Go see it!


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the sketches! I wish I was there to see them because I so enjoyed our visit there!

Natalya's Closet said...

Wow, I gotta stop by the museum, its been at least a year since I've been! Great sketches and post! XOXO,