Monday, April 25, 2011

Los Angeles City Secrets from the Mulleavy Sisters

Image of Bob Baker Marionette Theater from Nowness.
Nowness did an interview with the Mulleavy sisters (of Rodarte) about their favorite things in LA, and they came up with a great list! Some of these things I knew about (checking out Caravan Book store has been on my to-do list for ages), but some I had never heard of, like Rose Tree Cottage and The Prince. I love hearing what city insiders do versus reading what you find in city guides. No matter how many times a guide puts "not for tourists" on its cover, its never going to be able to give you the same experience as an insider. Point in case, I lived blocks from the Prince for a year and I had never heard of it even though I scoured Yelp for cool things to do in the neighborhood!

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amy b.s. said...

i too love the insider's opinions. they always know the great hole in the wall places to eat too.