Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tria: My Favorite Restaurant in Philly

I knew I had limited time in Philly this summer and lots of delicious restaurants to try out, so I tried to repeat as little as possible, especially in the beginning of the summer. There was one exception to my general rule, though - Tria in Washington Square West. I believe Rittenhouse was their first location, but I like Wash West better. It just seems to have a more relaxed vibe (i.e. less people).

I know there are many Philly restaurants with more inventive, more exotic, and arguably better food. But Tria is just my kind of place. Extensive but reasonably priced wine (and beer) selection. Hard wood interior. Small but filling plates. Great ingredients (duck, figs, lavender honey) for the price. Very knowledgeable staff. And overall excellent preparation every time.

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