Friday, August 19, 2011

Philadelphia's Old Cemeteries

Notice the 13-star flag, indicating this is the grave of a Revolutionary War veteran. Not something I see much of in LA!

I love old cemeteries and spent a little bit of time exploring the ones in Philly. Just seeing all of these people who came before and thinking about what their lives were like and how they affected the world around them can be engrossing. These pictures are from 3 different cemeteries. The first two (pictured above) are in Society Hill - Old Pine St. Presbyterian cemetery and St. Peter's Episcopal Church cemetery. The 3rd one (pictured below) is out past the boathouses on Kelly Dr. overlooking the river - Laurel Hill Cemetery.

An ancestor of mine, maybe?

How funny is this sign? Good to see Laurel Hill Cemetery doesn't take itself too seriously!

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