Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dinner at Supper (the Restaurant)

Supper was only a few blocks from my apartment this summer, but it took me about 5 weeks to get around to eating there. In retrospect I should have been going just for the cheese puffs and a glass of wine long before that. My parents and I got (in order): cheddar and sage cheese puffs; a salad special with cauliflower, potato, and swiss chard; grilled flatbread with cauliflower, creme fresh, and fennel; peas and onion side; pork tamale entree; sea bass with saffron dumplings; and bread pudding. The pork tamales, pea side, and cheese puffs were the strong points. All fantastic! The sea bass was also a well-done dish. But the flatbread was the weak link. There wasn't really any flatbread, just loads and loads of fennel. Overall, I would go back and try more, especially because the atmosphere is chic (hardwood, lovely wine display) but interesting (see the metal light fixture below).

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