Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reading Terminal

One of the first very uniquely Philly things I did after moving there this summer was to go to Reading Terminal. I went for lunch at the Greek stand one work day. It was delicious and really made me miss having easy access to Greek food. (Of all the great ethnic food in LA, I think Greek is particularly hard to find.) I went back later in the summer and witnessed an ice cream eating contest. (The winner smoked the competition! She ate her whole bowl, without using her hands, in 3 bites. And then I saw her in line to buy more ice cream later!) But even without ice creaming eating contests, there seems to always be something to entertain you at the terminal. There are exotic sausage shops, shops with homemade food from the Amish (I got my brother the pictured Amish pumpkin butter), a pretzel shop, seafood shops, fruit stands, a spice shop, an oyster bar, several well-known dessert shops (see the crazy nose, lung, and rat shaped chocolates below), a used bookstore, and 0f course cheese steak shops.

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