Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Glimpse of Santa Barbara

Another post of old pictures, this time from Easter weekend 2010, Jeremy's and my first visit to Santa Barbara. We stayed in a little but very nice motel in Montecito, the town next to SB. I got the room for a steal on Priceline. On Saturday, my friend led us on a hike called the seven falls. When they say "hike" in SB, they do not mean a casual jaunt like the ones in Griffith Park; they mean a serious hike. We were walking through a stream, scaling rock faces, and making paths were there were none. But every moment of it was absolutely breathtaking, and it made me fall in love with SB.

The photos above are from around Montecito, which is such an adorable little town. I especially loved the topiary displays at a garden shop because they had a hippo (my favorite animal)! The photos below are from our hike.

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Heart Charlie said...

Oh my goodness amazing photos!!! I wish I was there....*ahhh*