Thursday, February 10, 2011

Coveteur-Inspired Part 1

Have you seen this new website, The Coveteur? I'm obsessed with it. It is full of closely focused shots of fashion insiders' homes. Each shot contains clothing or accessories but also cherished nick nacks or loved home goods. It is a small window into the subject's life. A recent shoot used books as background for some of the subjects favorite pieces of jewelry. I thought the concept was really inventive, and decided to give it a try myself.

1. Drew Barrymore in Kevin Aucoin's Making Faces with teal sunglasses bought on the street in St. Mark's Square.
2. Dancers from the Broadway production of the Lion King in the show's program with earrings from Harrods. These earrings are so heavy and losing their color, but I cannot force myself to throw them away because who knows when I'll get back to London and get to shop at Harrods again?
3. Norma Kamali fashion in Couture: The Great Designers with silver earrings from some shop on Cary St. in Richmond. I got Couture from my parents when I graduated high school, and I still cherish it. It is a beautiful and comprehensive book.
4. Calvary Cemetary in Chicago from the Air with an antique pearl necklace from my Grandmother.
5. An N.C. Wyeth illustration in Kidnapped with flower and feather earrings, a gift from a friend with excellent taste in jewelry.

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