Monday, February 7, 2011

Local Artists - Two Rabbits Studios

Finally (after about 8 or 9 months), Jeremy and I got around to framing and hanging our Taco Cat prints! They are from a local printing studio, Two Rabbits. Two Rabbits can be found at various craft fairs and the Downtown LA Art Walk, which is where I got these. For some reason, these cat-taco creations just made me laugh. It was only after talking to one of the guys from the studio that I realized Taco Cat is a palindrome. I wish there were more in the series. I would buy them all!

Taco Cats as seen with Jeremy and our cat, Tiny.

PS: The downtown Art Walk is this Thurs, the 10th. (Every 2nd Thurs. of the month.) Much of the art is in galleries and more expensive, but there are some great street stalls like Two Rabbits with a wider selection. Get out there and check it out! I'm planning on going. I heard there's a new coffee shop/bar opening. So I can get my art and my espresso on.

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Thanks for the mention!