Friday, February 25, 2011

Kelly Green in Silverlake

During my explorations of Silverlake, I came across a lovely eco- and wallet-friendly store (which is great, since often those two characteristics do not combine). It was raining as I walked around, the door to Kelly Green was open, and the warm light seemed to just pull me in. Once inside, I wanted to buy everything. I'm in love with the natural soaps and candles, the bamboo kitchen utensils, the cardboard animal heads, the indie greeting card selection, the reclaimed-metal jewelry, and especially the driftwood candle holders.

I was able to resist buying the conch shell ring which doubled as weapon, since it was not quite as wallet friendly. But I did take home several cards and a driftwood candle holder. Believe it or not, the candle holders ranged from only $15-$17!

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