Sunday, February 6, 2011

Local Goods for your Valentine

I was so busy with school work this past week, I let my personal email account get a little disorderly. Since I have some weird phobia about having more than a few emails in my inbox (I label and archive emails like crazy just to get them out of my sight), I set about this morning to clearing out the crop that grew over the week. One of those emails I had to share with you:This if from the seller that Jeremy bought the blow fish Christmas ornaments from. I didn't even realize she has three shops! (1, 2, 3) But I want something from all of them. Her work is a bit unconventional, but I love it and I bet there's something in there your valentine might love too. Some of my favorites are below.

Rattlesnake Vertebrae Cuff (I almost don't want you to buy this for your valentine. I love it so much!)

Spike the Queen Belt Buckle - I'm not sure I'd ever wear this on a belt, but I think it would look beautiful on display on a bookcase or desk.

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