Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Exploration of Solstice Canyon

I wanted to hike to the Bridge to Nowhere on my stay-cation, but we had to scrap those plans because it's an all day hike and my hiking buddies are popular people with places to be. But as a consolation prize, my friend Helen suggested an awesome hike in Solstice Canyon. There were ruined buildings, waterfalls, rock climbing, steps that lead to nowhere, and tons and tons of wild flowers! What more could you ask for?

The hike to the first ruins only takes a few minutes and is completely flat and paved. Another 15 minutes or so farther with only minimal hills and you'll get to the second ruins. These are from a much bigger home with more to explore. Right behind them is the first waterfall too. (Rumor is there's a hidden grotto with a statuary, but I didn't find it.) The real fun starts if you cross the creek in front of the water and scale the rocks on the other side. You'll find some fun rock climbing (nothing too hard, but be prepared to get dirty), and you'll find a series of additional waterfalls spilling into deep pools. If you go hiking on a hot day, bring a bathing suit because you could definitely take a dip!

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Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful but why where people not able to rebuild their homes?