Friday, May 13, 2011

Spice Station Inspired Cooking

In addition to going to Spice Station, cooking with the spices I got there was on my LA Stay-cation list. While I have not done as much "cationing" as I had hoped because the inner law student in me forced me to study well in advance, I have gotten to do a tiny bit of cooking (or mixing).

First, I made a blackberry/raspberry/lime cocktail. It involved exactly what you think: muddling a ton (at least 15) blackberries in 3 ounces of vodka, adding a generous helping a raspberry sugar (about 1 tsp. per ounce of vodka), and squeezing in a half of a lime. Shake well in ice and drink up.

Second I made hollandaise sauce with shrimp and coconut/lime salt. Peel and roughly dice the shrimp, throw them in a prepackaged hollandaise sauce as you are adding the water according to the sauce packet directions, add salt to taste, and simmer until shrimp are cooked. At the same time I poached 2 eggs and warmed a piece of toast in the oven (on 200 degrees, be sure to flip the toast half way through too, I like this better than toasters). Then I had myself a nice eggs Benedict breakfast.

Finally, I made a bean soup with carrot, celery, and the smoked salt. Soak the desired raw legumes (mine came in a packet but you can use whatever you like) in cold water for 12+ hours, then boil them for at least 40-45 mins (I did 35 and it was not enough). While boiling, saute chopped carrots, celery, and garlic in olive oil until soft. Once things get a bit mushy, drain your legumes, throw the sauteed veggies and a can of diced/stewed/etc. tomatoes in with the drained legumes. Simmer for awhile and add spices to taste.

PS: This is a re-post of something Blogger deleted.

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