Saturday, May 7, 2011

Silverlake Spice Station

Down this gorgeous little alley and around the bend there is a hidden spice store that can turn anyone into a master chef. I spied Spice Station when shopping in Silverlake with Amy and made a mental note to come back. Well this morning, I finally made that trip back, and I'm so glad I made the effort to bike up there. The store is beyond adorable, the owner is insanely helpful, and the selection is unmatched. I could have spent all day opening each glass jar and smelling its contents, but eventually I had to pick. I wound up going home with 3 flavored salts (sun dried tomato, coconut & lime, and some sort of smoked salt), 2 flavored sugars (raspberry and vanilla bean), and one of their best sellers (harissa).

For dinner tonight, I cooked salmon stuffed with shrimp in hollandaise sauce that I flavored with the coconut/lime salt, and made myself a cocktail with the raspberry sugar, blackberries, lime, and vodka. Both were delicious! I've decided that everyone on my Christmas list is going to get something special from Spice Station this year. (It is just too good not to share, and they have the cutest gift sets.) But when I told the owner that, she recommended coming in before Thanksgiving. Apparently the lines are out the door for the entire month of December. So put a trip to Spice Station on your calendar sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I know I've put it on mine!


Becca [Free Honey] said...

This sounds amazing. I've always wanted to learn more about spicing food. I know how to use the basics, but I'd love to step up my game in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I know your father will be fascinated. So, dont forget him!