Friday, May 6, 2011

Rustic Accents

Image from The Selby.
Although I love urban life, I am drawn to rustic life as well. I guess it comes with loving cities and nature equally. I simultaneously want to be in the middle of everything in a way only a city can offer but also far away from everything in a cabin tucked far back into a wooded hillside. Since I will probably never make a remote cabin my permanent residence, I'll settle for rustic accents like the ones above from Charlotte Rust's apartment. A lot of that looks like it could be thrifted (or in the case of the wooden boxes, dug out of a dumpster), but for your more expensive rustic home decorations, I love Restoration Hardware. Do you ever peruse their site? Be sure to hide your credit card before you do because their pictures make everything look irresistible! (Seriously, before browsing this site, I would have never thought I just had to have a wall of antlers, but now I totally need that in my life!)

PS: Sorry there's no Stay-cation post today. I decided I should get some work done for my exam next week that way I am not frantically cramming the day before. I know work is lame, but I will resume my reports of fun stuff around LA tomorrow!

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