Friday, May 20, 2011

What I'll Miss About Los Angeles

So I've temporarily moved to Philly for a job this summer. It's exciting stuff. New people. New city. A paycheck. (Haven't gotten one of those in awhile!) But I'll be honest, there is a whole lot I'm going to miss in LA.

1. My bf and my cat. I'll miss them the most!

2. The opening of new ventures in Downtown LA like Urbano Pizza, Cafe Primo, the return of The Must, whatever restaurant is going in the place of Carls Jr. Expect a lot of new restaurant reviews when I get back in the fall!

3. Hiking around LA county. There seem to be a million natural wonders hidden through out this area. I wish I had time to discover more this summer.

4. Lounging by the pool. I'm going to miss having a pool soooooooooo much.

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