Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Bear Lake: Pine Knot Trail

I must be afflicted with whatever the opposite of seasonal depression is, as I get bummed when the weather in LA continues to hover around 80. Last year around this time, I saw a post on a law school friend's Facebook page from a weekend he spent at Big Bear Lake. And his pictures held the most gorgeous sight to a fall-obsessed girl like myself: a tree with brilliant red leaves!
Becky (my friend's wife) posing in front of the most beautiful tree. Photo via Ryan's Facebook page.
So I made myself a promise that next fall (i.e. this fall) I would go to Big Bear Lake myself and have a semi-authentic fall experience. I found a cheap-ish rate at a great lodge right on the lake on the Monday and Tuesday of Labor Day and I booked it. There weren't any true signs of autumn yet. But there were many kinds of trees that I rarely ever see and the weather dipped into the 50s at night! Plus, I've already made plans to go back in October.

On my first day there, I hiked the Pine Knot trail up to the vista point.

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