Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fancy Date at WP24

The bf and I went on a very fancy date a few weekends ago at WP24, the Wolfgang Puck Chinese restaurant on the 24th floor of the downtown Ritz Carleton Carlton*. The positives? The food was very very very good, and you get lots of it. We split the 4 course tasting menu (despite the sour response from our server about splitting - more on that later) which comes with an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert. 3 chef tastings came out too. In total, we ate shrimp and lobster spring rolls, a shrimp toast tasting, some kind of dumpling tasting, the sea bass entree, a spicy shrimp entree with potatoes, the Marjolasian dessert (award winning! layers of dark chocolate, white espresso mouse, cashew nougat and milk chocolate glaze), and a cookie tasting. It was so satisfying. Plus, the decor is sleek and fun and the view is fantastic.

The negatives? WP24's attempts to up-sell are obnoxious. We had to sit in the bar/lobby 20 minutes after the time of our reservation to wait for the table "to be ready" even though there were a handful of open tables in the dining room. This is done to everyone who comes for dinner, and it is clearly an attempt to get you to buy a $16 cocktail before dinner. Once you sit down, you are brought the drink menu only. The food menu is not brought until you either order a drink or tell your server you are not drinking. On top of this, the service is cold. I know we were not our server's highest grossing table, but I still expect something better than the cold shoulder any time I'm spending more then $200 on a meal for 2.

Ok I rambled on for way too long. Sorry!

* Thanks boyfriend, for being my spellchecker! :)

900 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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