Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brunch at Eveleigh

I wore an Amanda Uprichard dress I got at Cusp in Georgetown this summer, old Guess heels which I still love, and an H&M necklace wrapped as a bracelet with a cuff that was a gift from a friend.
 I have been venturing out of my downtown comfort zone a bit. Recently my boyfriend and I have tried Ammo in Hollywood (no pictures), the Eveleigh in West Hollywood (seen above), and Son of a Gun by the Beverly Center (also no pictures, sorry!). Although Ammo was a close second, Eveleigh was probably my favorite new experience.

Eveleigh falls into the farm-to-table genre, but not just because their menu uses seasonal, sometimes-locally-sourced items. Eveleigh also made their restaurant look like a farm and farm house (if a farm house had a full bar with an animal skull light fixture). Sure that might be a little gimmicky, but it's also gorgeous and a wonderful contrast to the shopping mall-like streets of West Hollywood that are just outside. As for the food, my burrata and stone fruit salad was good, as was the banana bread with chocolate dipping sauce. I think Jeremy's burger was really the winner, though. We had no problem with service as other reviewers have complained. I found everyone to be nice and the whole atmosphere to be relaxing, but that might be because we went for an early brunch (10:45). I can't wait to go back for dinner, especially because I didn't sample any of their farm-to-table cocktails which all sounded delicious!

8752 W Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Anonymous said...

Big fan of both AMMO & Everleigh.

AMMO carries casual Hollywood star power, Everleigh rocks youth Hollywood glam.

Everleigh has such a fantastic lunch, I'd definitely suggest something beyond the burger next time.

To go even further west, try Tavern in Brentwood, and to stuff your face like it's 1999, Public Kitchen in H'wood.