Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blushes and Pink

Usually when the weather gets cooler, my mind turns to shades of browns. Tans, camels, chestnuts, caramels, and mahoganies - I love them all. But thanks to the ladies over at Atlantic Pacific and Late Afternoon, I have an unseasonable desire to integrate soft blushes and pops of pinks into my usual palate.

PS: This post was initially inspired by my obsession with the Pour la Victoire Edie wedges in that great soft pink that both Liz and Bee have. (Eventually I became obsessed with the tones of the complete outfits!) The shoe has been sold out forever now. I was so sad I discovered them too late. But isn't J. Crews Martina wedges kind of a perfect replacement?



those wedges are super cute!!

The Search for J Street said...

Ah! I think you've confirmed that I need these in my life. I'm going to splurge!