Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Monday!

My new loafers (the Simone), taking in the view on my boat tour up in Big Bear.

I hope you enjoyed Autumn Inspiration week! I think Mother Nature must have been reading my blog because the temperature in LA dropped from the high 90s to low 80s/high 70s this weekend. Other than the weather, this weekend was also great because we celebrated my boyfriend's birthday on Saturday. Then, on Sunday I was very productive. The apartment has not been so clean since we moved in! And I crossed off a ton of errands like getting cat supplies and new tea lights. This week I'm looking forward to catching up on LA-centric posts, following the fashion week shows, rocking my new loafers (so happy I finally got some! comfortable, cute, and well-made!) and debating whether or not to buy even more shoes!

1. Flat Furry Court Shoe (Tried it on and loved it at Zara this weekend, but they did not have my size in store.)
2. Marais Loafer Flat Nude (I was linked to this shoe from somehere, and I have not been able to get it out of my mind ever since!)

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Anonymous said...

Like your new shoes and the picture!
Hope Jeremy had a good time on his birthday.