Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My First Umami Burger (Finally!)

Finally, the boyfriend and I noshed on the unhealthy deliciousness that is Umami burgers. Everyone in LA raves about this place, which means a lot because LA is really serious about their burgers. Recently I got to experience all the hype for myself. The verdict is that the traditional Umami burger, seen in picture 6 with the bf, is not that amazing in comparison to other good bistro burgers. But the more exotic burger options are phenomenal! I got a Thai shrimp burger special and ate the whole thing in maybe a minute flat. It was that good. I wish I had noted all the ingredient that came with it, but at the time I could only think about devouring the shrimp patty. Once I finished my burger, I had truffle cheese fries to keep me busy while my boyfriend at a more normal pace. While they were not as amazing as the shrimp burger, they were still more than satisfying. I am dying to go back and try the lamb burger now!

Umami Burger Los Feliz
4655 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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kalyn said...

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