Monday, September 26, 2011

A Current Affair Recap

I'm a terrible blogger and forgot my camera at home. So my recap of this fall's incarnation of A Current Affair is illustrated through cell phone photos. I thought the grainy pictures would be better than nothing! I scooped up a forest green puffy vest with a detachable fur lined hood and a fur vest with pockets (which will be immediately replacing my faux fur DIY vest).* Outside of my purchases, I noticed some reoccurring trends:

1. vintage military wear (good thing I scooped up my WWI era jacket already this summer!) 2. leopard everything (my favorite was a pony hair clip on miniature bow tie but it was priced somewhat absurdly at $40) 3. fur, lots and lots and lots of fur 4. patterns 5. sparkles/shimmer/shine in many forms

The one thing I was expecting to see but really didn't was gloves. I saw very few pairs and nothing under $60. I'm really feeling gloves this season. Maybe modern retailers will pick up the slack in that department.

*Yes, that is me wearing both vests at one time. I'm a nerd. Thanks, Kim, for snapping this shot!

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